Our Mission


The mission of Assisted Living Made Simple is to be passionate advocates for seniors and their care by providing a complete senior living resource service.

Our Guiding Principles

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    To respect our seniors by preserving their dignity.

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    We value each individual and take into consideration their opinions, ideas, and life experiences.

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    To respect our seniors by nurturing their spirit.

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    We will only recommend facilities that care for the whole senior—mind, body and soul.assisted-living-consultant.

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    To respect our seniors by providing a freedom of choice

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    We will recommend a minimum of three facilities based on an analysis of each senior’s needs and desires, but their individual decision will be encouraged.

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    To respect our seniors by encouraging their independence

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    We promote the least restrictive safe environments for our seniors and promote self-reliance.

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    To respect our senior’s family and friends by including their input.

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    Family Participation

    We encourage family and friends to participate in the decision making process for our seniors.

Self Assessment

self assessmentDownload: self assessment

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We value our seniors and believe they have a voice. Let Assisted Living Made Simple find the perfect home for you.

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Assisted Living Standards

shangri-la-entrance-326174_640When looking for an Assisted Living Home we find the very best facilities that are going to meet your needs and desires and far exceed your expectations.

The assisted living facilities must meet our high standards before we even think about recommending them to you.

What makes a facility good enough to be recommended by Assisted Living Made Simple?

1. High Standards

rating-153245_640High ratings by state boards for assisted living facilities
Superb inspection reports
Licensed and insured

2. Professional Compassionate Staff

Home careWarm and friendly staff
Background checked and security cleared
Experienced and highly-trained staff
High ratio of staff to residents

3. Facility

Portrait of romantic elderly couple outdoors.

Attractive well maintained buildings and lawns
Safety “call for help” monitors
Secure safe exterior doors
Adequate comfortable seating
Attractive, well-maintained, clean rooms

4. Activities and Exercise

Elderly couple doing their stretches in the parkFor the mind – Cognitive programs and games to support and maintain memory.
For the body – Exercise and wellness programs to improve vitality.
For the spirit – Creative programs in music, culture and art


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